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My current research focuses on concepts of individual entities (individual people or dogs or chairs), mathematical concepts (e.g., natural numbers or groups), and types of reasoning related to these concepts (typically causal or mathematical reasoning). For a more complete description of the research going on in this lab, check the "Projects" section of this web site.

Winston Chang Jacob Dink [JacobDink2011 (at)]

My research concerns how people represent necessity in causal relations. While certain causal relationships (rain leads to a good crop season; flipping a switch leads to a lightbulb turning on) are fairly easy to imagine as otherwise, we seem to represent others as less incidental and more fundamentally necessary (solid objects do not co-penetrate each other, non-viscous liquids conform to their containers). I'm interested in how does this distinction develops, and how it might bear on our psychological models of causal reasoning.

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